Campaign Studio

Bot mitigation

Bots can mask themselves as legitimate contacts. Campaign Studio blocks the activities that are believed to be bot-related, and does not count page hits and email reads when any of the following criteria is met:

  • If any of the following conditions is fulfilled in System Settings:

    • The IP is blocked in List of IPs to not track contacts with.

    • The bot is added to List of Bots to not track with.

  • If any two of the following conditions are fulfilled:

    • A page hit or email open activity occurs within 2 seconds of an email send activity.

    • The request from the IP address that is in the internally-managed IP addresses of the Bots list.

    • The user agent is on the Bot User Agents list and marked as “Very common”.

This means that page hits and email opens determined to originate from bots are not recorded to the contact activity history, and campaign decisions for these activities are not evaluated as Yes.