Keyboard shortcuts

Campaign Studio has several keyboard shortcuts which can make using the platform faster and easier. To see the list of shortcuts when you’re logged in, select Shift+? to display a dialog box.


  • Shift+D: Load the dashboard
  • Shift+Right arrow: Opens the Settings menu on the right side
  • Shift+S: Activates the global search field at the top of the page
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Z: Undo change
  • Ctrl/Cmd+shift+ or Ctrl/Cmd+Y: Redo change
  • Shift+N: Open notifications
  • Shift+C: Load the Contacts page

Contacts page

  • A: Opens the quick-add form to manually add a new contact
  • C: Changes the view to contact cards
  • R: Refreshes the page
  • T: If you’re in card view, select T to change the view back to the standard table, or list, view

Individual contact page

  • A: Opens a new note