Information for: DEVELOPERS   PARTNERS

Keyboard shortcuts

Campaign Studio has several keyboard shortcuts which can make using the platform faster and easier. To see the list of shortcuts when you’re logged in, select Shift+? to display a dialog box.


  • Shift+D: Load the dashboard
  • Shift+Right arrow: Opens the Settings menu on the right side
  • Shift+S: Activates the global search field at the top of the page
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Z: Undo change
  • Ctrl/Cmd+shift+ or Ctrl/Cmd+Y: Redo change
  • Shift+N: Open notifications
  • Shift+C: Load the Contacts page

Contacts page

  • A: Opens the quick-add form to manually add a new contact
  • C: Changes the view to contact cards
  • R: Refreshes the page
  • T: If you’re in card view, select T to change the view back to the standard table, or list, view

Individual contact page

  • A: Opens a new note