Campaign Studio

BrightTALK plugin setup

You can use BrightTALK for hosting on-demand videos for your business. By using the BrightTALK plugin in Campaign Studio, you can automatically identify customers who interact with your videos on BrightTALK and engage with them for marketing activities.

Using the BrightTALK plugin has two primary phases:

  1. Configuration

  2. Ongoing Usage

Configuring BrightTALK in Campaign Studio

To configure BrightTALK in Campaign Studio:

  1. Sign in to your Campaign Studio account.

  2. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner and select Plugins.

  3. Click the BrightTALK plugin.

  4. Under the Enabled/Auth section, specify the following details:

    • Plugin must be enabled and authorized for this field to work: Set this toggle bar to Yes to publish the plugin and start using the feature.

    • API Key: String that uniquely identifies an API user in BrightTALK. When you authenticate with BrightTALK, you must specify this value as the username. To get this value from BrightTALK, send an email to

    • API Secret: String that authenticates the identity of an API user. When you authenticate with BrightTALK, you must specify this value as the password. To get this value from BrightTALK, send an email to

    • API Host: Select either BrightTalk Stage or Production environment, as appropriate.

  5. Under the Features section, select the Contact checkbox so that contacts can sync between Campaign Studio and BrightTALK.

  6. Under the Contact Field Mapping section, associate BrightTALK fields with Campaign Studio contacts. For example, ensure that you sync BrightTALK email with that of Campaign Studio email.


    Campaign Studio supports one way sync of contacts. Contacts created on BrightTALK syncs automatically to Campaign Studio but not vice-versa.

  7. Click Save & Close.

Once you have configured and published the plugin, Campaign Studio stores the information about all of your customers who interact with your BrightTALK channel and new options appear in your Campaign Studio user interface.

Using BrightTALK filters in segments

Once you configure and publish the BrightTALK plugin, Campaign Studio displays multiple filters that you can use in your segments.

To use BrightTALK filters in a segment:

  1. Sign in to your Campaign Studio account.

  2. Go to Segments and click New.

  3. Under the Details tab, specify the appropriate information.

  4. Under the Filters tab, select one of the BrightTALK specific filters. The available BrightTALK filters are:

    • BrightTALK: Attended a webcast: Finds contacts who have attended a BrightTALK webcast.

    • BrightTALK: Attended a webcast on demand: Finds contacts who viewed a recorded webcast on BrightTALK.

    • BrightTALK: Channel subscribers: Finds contacts who have subscribed to your BrightTALK channel.

    • BrightTALK: Channel unsubscribers: Finds contacts who have previously subscribed and then unsubscribed from your BrightTALK channel.

    • BrightTALK: Registered for a webcast: Finds contacts who have registered for an upcoming webinar.

  5. For the selected filter, select an operator and choose the webcast ID you’d like to filter for.

  6. Save the changes.

Configuring BrightTALK actions for user points

If your customers perform certain predefined task or attain a certan goal in the BrightTALK, you can ensure that certain points are added to that customer’s profile. You can configure these goals as well as the points to be added to customer’s profile. For example, when a person registers for or views a webinar (live or on demand), that’s an engagement point that you may want to capture in the form of lead scoring. For more information on lead scoring and Campaign Studio’s points feature, see Points.

To configure points based on user interactions with BrightTALK videos or webinars:

  1. Sign in to your Campaign Studio account.

  2. Go to Points > Manage Actions and click New to configure points.

  3. In the Name field, specify a name for the point action.

  4. In the Change points field, specify the number of points that must be awarded to the customer on attaining the specified goal.

  5. In the When a contact drop-down menu, select BrightTALK Webcasts Webcasts to add points based on engagement with a BrightTALK video.

  6. In Webcasts, select the webinar you’d like to add points for.

  7. In Activity Type, select the interaction for which you’d like to assign the designated number of points. The available options are as follows:

    • Registered

    • Attended

    • Attended on Demand

    Each BrightTALK point action can only apply to a single webinar and a single action.

  8. Save the changes.