Campaign Studio


If your organization has multiple people with different responsibilities, set up roles for them in Campaign Studio. It helps you to enable or restrict permissions for each person or persona.

When team members have different responsibilities, you may not want some team members working in certain parts of Campaign Studio. Use Roles to control access permissions. By default, Campaign Studio creates new users with the Administrator role with full system access. You can change that when manually creating a user, or select a different role when importing a user by API.

To create a new role:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles.

  2. Click +New in the top right corner.

  3. In the Details tab, add a Title and Description.

  4. Click the Permissions tab. The list of user permissions displays.

  5. Most permission categories have options for View, Edit, Create, Delete, and Publish. Select checkboxes for the appropriate permissions for this role. To select every checkbox and grant the user all permissions, select the Full option.


If permissions are restricted, a user will also be limited to seeing dashboard widgets for the items or feature bundles the user has permissions for. For example, if a user’s role doesn’t have asset permissions, they can’t create widgets on the dashboard for asset data.

You can also create roles using the API.