Issues with large attachments and Solr search

Acquia Search is a complex platform for hosting Solr indexes, and is not infinitely scalable. There are challenges both on the Drupal side and the server side that must be identified and considered when indexing large files.

Indexing process

Solr (including Acquia Search) completes the following three steps when indexing attachments:

Indexing attachments

In addition to Drupal nodes, Acquia Search results presented to your users can include files that contain matches to the search query. File formats that can be indexed include HTML, XML, Microsoft Office documents, OpenDocument, PDF, RTF, .zip, and other compression formats, text formats, audio formats, video formats, and more. For a complete list of supported document formats, see the Apache Tika documentation.

Modules for Acquia Search

There are several Drupal modules that integrate with Acquia Search, some of which are required, some of which are recommended, and some of which are helpful for different use cases.

Installing the required modules

To use Acquia Search with your Drupal website, you need to download, install, and enable the following recommended modules based on your installed version of Drupal:

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