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Exam Preparation

The information in this section will help you prepare for your exam. Acquia recommends you use the following materials to prepare:

  • Study guides: Acquia publishes comprehensive study guides for each certification exam. These guides provide learning resources, road maps, and tips for success.
  • Tutorials: Acquia has developed Drupal 8 and Acquia product tutorials on some topics, to help you build your Drupal and Acquia product skills. The tutorials are in Acquia’s Knowledge Base, so you can find them by searching on Acquia docs.
  • E-Learning: For customers, Acquia Academy provides multimedia training materials related to Drupal and Acquia products. You can self-register with your work email address to access hours of training materials for free. Acquia has a branch of Acquia Academy for Acquia Partners, too! If you’re not an Acquia customer or partner, you can find some training materials in playlists on Acquia’s YouTube channel.

Acquia Certification exam experience

Acquia Certification exams are conducted by our testing partner Kryterion using their testing system called Webassessor. You have the choice to take an exam online from your location (online proctored, or OLP), or onsite at one of Kryterion’s worldwide test centers. For online proctored exams, you’ll need a compatible Windows or Mac computer with a webcam and to install the Sentinel software. View the Test Taker Guide for full details.

Onsite exams are administered at Kryterion Testing Centers in more than 750 locations worldwide. For onsite exams, test takers must comply with the rules of the testing center selected. If you use your correct address when you create your account, Webassessor will recommend the testing centers closest to you as options for onsite testing.

Finding a Kryterion test center location

Kryterion, Acquia’s testing partner, has more than 750 test centers worldwide. To find a test center near you, visit Kryterion’s test center locator page.

If you don’t find a test center near your location, you can take an online test.

Supported operating systems

Unfortunately, at this time Kryterion doesn’t support the Linux OS for online testing. Only Windows and Mac computers are compatible with the Sentinel software. If you don’t have access to a Windows or Mac computer, you can take the certification at a testing center or at one of our certification events, at which computers are provided. You can review system requirements on Kryterion’s Online Testing Requirements page.