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Acquia Certification FAQ

How do I find a Kryterion testing center?

Kryterion, Acquia’s testing partner, has more than 750 test centers worldwide. To find a test center near you, visit Kryterion’s test center locator page.

If you don’t find a test center near your location, you can take an online test.

Can I take an online proctored exam using a Linux computer?

Unfortunately, at this time Kryterion doesn’t support the Linux OS for online testing. Only Windows and Mac computers are compatible with the Sentinel software. If you don’t have access to a Windows or Mac computer, you can take the certification at a testing center or at one of our certification events, at which computers are provided. You can review system requirements on Kryterion’s Online Testing Requirements page.

Can I register for others?

Acquia doesn’t allow you to sign up for others seeking to take an exam. Every user must register for own exam underneath dedicated profile on

Where can I take a certification exam?

Acquia offers certification exams at DrupalCons and at other Drupal-related camps and conferences when possible. If there is a test center at an event, exams may be offered at a discount. The specific offer will be detailed on the event’s certification page.

Acquia updates the schedule and location for the DrupalCon test center before each of these events. You can find the schedule and location of each event on the Drupal Certification page.

What are the benefits of buying bulk exam vouchers?

You can buy bulk vouchers for exams from Acquia in a 10-pack that can be used for any exam. The benefits of bulk vouchers are that sales tax isn’t charged, vouchers are valid for one year from the date purchased, they lower the cost of some exams, and they’re transferable (you can give them away). To buy bulk exam vouchers, email, or if you’re an Acquia partner, contact your Partner manager.

Why is a sales tax applied to my certification exam?

To comply with recent international tax law (as of October 2019), Webassessor is now charging sales tax on exams purchased through the platform. These taxes, when they’re applied, vary by country and even by U.S. state and start at 3% of the cost of an exam. Users may experience that they’re charged sales tax even if they weren’t charged this tax before. Acquia can’t opt-out of this tax, as it’s based on a redefinition of taxes on goods and services. For questions or issues related to exam taxation, users should email

Does Acquia have a VAT number so I can get reimbursed for the taxes I’ve paid?

Acquia doesn’t have a VAT number to allow for reimbursement of this tax in the EU. For questions or issues related to exam taxation, users should email

How can I obtain more information or speak with the Acquia Certification team?

You can email the Acquia Certification team at with any questions or inquiries you may have.

How can I receive an invoice for my exam?

A registered user can produce their own invoice by logging in to Web Assessor and clicking Generate Invoice on the home page (above the scheduled exams table).

How can I receive a receipt for an exam purchased?

A registered user can produce their own receipt by logging into Web Assessor and clicking Receipts in the top navigation. On the resulting page, click the Receipt button next to the exam for which you need to generate a receipt.

Can I retake my certification exam?

  • If you don’t pass an exam, you may retake it up to two more times.
  • You must register again to retake an exam and either pay full price or use a coupon or voucher.
  • If you don’t pass an exam, you’ll receive an email with your score and must wait for at least two weeks before registering to retake the exam.
  • A candidate may try any exam for a maximum of three times. A fourth attempt requires a waiver from the Acquia Certification Program office.

How long will my Acquia certification last?

Technically, Acquia certifications don’t expire, but they do age. With any technical topic, it’s a good idea to refresh your certification often to prove you’re capable of working with the current version of the software or tools. When using the certification registry to search for qualified candidates, those looking for candidates will compare you to others who may have more current certification.

What do I do if my badge is missing or I didn’t receive it?

After you pass an exam, Acquia will send badges and certificates of exam completion to your email. If you don’t receive a badge, do the following:

  • View your spam folder. Sometimes, emails with attachments, or emails with attachments from unknown sources are blocked or moderated.
  • View your profile on Acquia’s Certification Registry. You can right-click and download your badge from your profile page.
  • If neither of these work, email and we can send you your badge after confirming that you passed your exam.

Why isn’t my record visible in the certification registry?

It takes up to 24 hours for an exam record to display in the registry. If you took your exam more than one day ago and your record still doesn’t display in the Certification Registry, you must complete the update request form in the footer of all Registry pages. Acquia processes the requests within a day or so.

Why is my record incorrect in the certification registry?

The data in Acquia’s Certification Registry comes from Webassessor, so if your account information is out of date there, it will be reflected in the certification registry. If you want to update information listed in the certification registry, you must complete the update request form in the footer of all Registry pages.

How can I merge two or more accounts in Webassessor?

Having more than one account in Webassessor, may prevent you from resetting your password, or it may prevent you from logging in. To merge two or more accounts, email and specify the account you want to retain as the master account. Acquia will then merge your accounts for you. As part of Acquia’s regular platform maintenance, Acquia Certification Program administrators may contact you directly if you have two or more accounts, and request details for the account you want to retain.

How does the renaming of an Acquia product impact my certification?

Acquia has already updated your badge in our certification registry. To download your new badge for use in your CV, your email footer, or your own website, go to your registry profile and right click the badge image.

Acquia has updated the Acquia Certification Registry and all its profiles to reflect the new product name.

Acquia understands that some employers require proof of certification in PDF format. If you would like to replace your old exam certificate with one containing the new product name, email You should update your cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other places where you discuss your accreditation to reflect the new product name and badge.