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Resolution of Issues

Use the information in this section to resolve any issues you may face when taking an exam.

Why is my exam suspended?

A proctor may suspend your exam if one of the following events occur:

  • You have internet connection issues (which prevents the proctor from adequately monitoring the exam).
  • You use your phone during the exam.
  • You talk to someone in the room.
  • You have unauthorized materials on your work surface.
  • You break any other online exam rules.

Kryterion will send you details about why your exam is suspended. If any test taker is suspected of cheating on an exam, Kryterion support will contact Acquia with an incident report with details and a request for response from our administrator if needed. If your exam is suspended for any reason, contact Kryterion Support in one of the ways listed above to resolve it. If Kryterion Support can’t resolve your issue, contact Acquia Certification Program Administrator at

Missing a scheduled exam

Since proctors monitor scheduled exams, Acquia has a strict no-show policy. If you miss your scheduled time for an exam (online or onsite), you forfeit that test. Acquia doesn’t provide a refund for no-shows. You must register and pay for the exam again or use a new voucher to pay for the exam. Setting up your computer to take an online exam takes some time. Acquia recommends setting up and testing your computer at least 24 hours before the exam start time. This way, if you have an issue that prevents you from taking your exam, you will still be able to reschedule without paying a rescheduling fee.