Managing users, teams, roles, and permissions

The Acquia teams and permissions system enables you to control who in your organization has access to the tools you use to manage your applications.

Using the Acquia teams and permissions system, you can do the following tasks:

The teams and permissions feature controls the actions users can take using the Cloud Platform interface, such as:

Action Controllable?
Using the Cloud Platform interface to deploy code on your website
Adding new users to your Acquia subscription
Creating, viewing, and editing Support tickets
Working with database backups
Configuring or rebooting your infrastructure
Creating content on your Drupal website 𐄂
Enabling and configuring Drupal modules on your Drupal website 𐄂
Adding or removing Drupal users on your Drupal website 𐄂

Acquia doesn’t create, modify, or delete users in subscriber accounts. An organization’s Administrators have the responsibility for managing users.

Getting started

To begin using the Acquia teams and permissions system:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.
  2. Click Manage in the menu.

Read these topics for specific instructions on using each feature:

Regardless of your Cloud Platform subscription, you must first create an account in Cloud Platform. Acquia doesn’t charge for the account.