Understanding your roles and available actions

Cloud Platform limits the actions you take within the user interface with the teams, roles, and permissions system. In some cases, if you don’t have the permission to take an action, the interface control is present, but disabled. In other cases (for example, the Subscriptions page if you aren’t the Owner or Administrator of the subscription), the control or page isn’t displayed at all.

If there is an action you want to take, but can’t, check your roles and permissions in the Manage page of the Cloud Platform user interface. On that page, you can also find the names of the Owner or Administrator of each organization of which you are a member, and the names of all the teams and the team leads. Depending on your goal, you can contact the Owner, Administrator, or Team lead and request the role you need.

Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface and click Manage in the top menu. The My Organizations page displays every organization in which you have a role. Cloud Platform displays each organization on a separate card, which lists the organization Owner and each Administrator for the organization.

Screenshot showing organization cards in the user interface

Look at the card for the organization you want to work on. The card lists each team you’re a member of, and users assigned to the organization. It also lists what role you have for each team. For more detailed information, click Manage to display the Team management page.

A single organization's card in the Cloud Platform user interface