Support ticket notifications

Cloud Platform user roles influence the Acquia Support ticketing system. The defined user role indicates who receives support ticket notifications and ongoing ticket updates.

A set of permissions for user roles is specifically associated with support ticket notifications. You can view the permissions within the Roles tab of the Team Management dashboard. To see the complete list of permissions available for user roles within Acquia Cloud Platform, see Default Cloud Platform user permissions.

By user role

The following specific Cloud Platform user roles receive support ticket notifications by default:

  • Team Lead: Automatically receive notifications for all tickets for the applications assigned to their team.
  • Owner and Administrator: Automatically receive notifications for all critical urgency tickets for all applications within their organization.


These are the support ticket notifications for these roles by default. All team user roles and custom roles can be edited. Editing can impact permissions associated with the user role.

Users can have multiple roles associated with their Cloud Platform account. If a user needs to receive all support ticket notifications for an application, then the user must be added with the Team Lead role for the team associated with the application. You can also create custom roles with associated permissions for the support ticket notification.

By ticket creation

When creating a new support ticket, the user that opens the ticket can enable support ticket notifications for the ticket to specific users.

The user that created the support ticket:

  • Receives all notifications related to the ticket.
  • Can copy (cc) additional account users on the team for visibility into notifications on the ticket, provided the user has the proper support permissions.

Support Ticket Notifications

To ensure that your users have the proper permissions to complete their daily tasks, refer to the support ticket permissions associated with each role. For additional configuration options to ensure that your team members receive the proper support ticket notifications, see