Support ticket notifications

All users on an application are automatically emailed when a new ticket is created when the ticket originates from Acquia. One contact per ticket receives further communication, but all customers on an application can view all tickets for the application. If a user creates a ticket through the ticketing system portal, only that user will be notified of the ticket creation.

If you want additional users to be added to a ticket for communication, comment in the ticket with the full name and email address of the contact. Ensure that the contact is a verified member with access to the application or subscription. Acquia Support adds the contact to the ticket accordingly.

By ticket creation

When creating a new support ticket, the user that opens the ticket can enable support ticket notifications for the ticket to specific users.

The user that created the support ticket:

  • Receives all notifications related to the ticket.
  • Can copy (cc) additional account users on the team for visibility into notifications on the ticket, provided the user has the proper support permissions.

To ensure that your users have the proper permissions to complete their daily tasks, refer to the support ticket permissions associated with each role.

Only the ticket creater receives a notification about the new ticket and its further updates.

For critical tickets, all contacts are notified of the ticket, but only one contact is emailed thereafter.