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Known issues in Cloud Platform CD

This page describes known issues with Cloud Platform CD. For issues with the pipelines feature, see Known issues with the Cloud Platform pipelines feature.

If you experience any difficulties with your Cloud Platform CD subscription, contact Acquia Support for help.

Known issues with Cloud Platform CD

The Cloud Platform pipelines feature deploys to any environment with a pipelines-build-artifact branch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Attempts to use the Cloud Platform pipelines feature to copy databases to a specific environment will succeed even if that branch is deployed to a non-Cloud Platform CD environment, which may have unintended consequences.

Workaround: To prevent this behavior, wrap the pipelines-db-sync command in conditional logic, like the following example:

if [ ${PIPELINE_DEPLOY_VCS_PATH} != "pipelines-build-<branch>" ]; then echo "Syncing DB to destination." && pipelines-sync-dbs <databases>; else echo "On the master branch. Skipping DB Sync."; fi

When creating a new Cloud Platform CD environment, the post-code-deploy hook is not run.

When Cloud Platform creates a new Cloud Platform CD environment and deploys code to it, the post-code-deploy cloud hook is not run.

Workaround: To import configuration on a new Cloud Platform CD environment, perform a second deployment to the new environment.