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Signing in to the Cloud Platform interface

The Cloud Platform interface provides a set of tools you can use to manage your Cloud Platform applications. These tools are available by signing in at

Learn more by visiting the Acquia Academy (sign-in required) for the video Cloud Platform Onboarding: UI Walkthrough.

Using the toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the webpage provides the following options:

Cloud Applications page

  • Develop: The Applications page, where you can manage your Acquia Cloud applications and their infrastructure (code, environments, databases, and more).
  • Manage: The Organizations page, where you can manage the teams, team members, roles, and permissions that govern access to your Cloud Platform applications. You can also view information about your Acquia subscriptions.
  • Enhance: The Enhance page, where you can see included and premium features available for your subscription.
  • Help: A link to the Acquia product documentation, which also describes how to contact Acquia regarding support for Cloud Platform.
  • Product picker: The Product picker Product picker icon icon displays sign-in links to several Acquia products.
  • [your profile picture]: Manage your Acquia profile.
  • In-product messaging (IPM): The radio tower In-product messaging icon icon alerts you to new release notes for a product, and real-time outage alerts. For more information, see In-product messaging alerts.

Using the breadcrumb menu

The breadcrumb menu displayed below the top toolbar provides access to your organizations, applications, and environments.

To display the breadcrumb menu after signing in to Cloud Platform, click the arrow, as displayed in the following example:

Click the downward-pointing arrow to display the breadcrumb menu

The breadcrumb menu allows you to quickly access the following types of information:

  • Organization: Point to an organization to display a list of all applications owned by this organization, and then click the organization’s name to display the full list of applications owned by this organization.
  • Application: Point to an application to display a list of all environments in this application, and then click the application’s name to display the Environments page for this application.
  • Environments: Click the environment’s name to display the Overview page for this environment.

Using in-product messaging

Cloud Platform’s in-product messaging system alerts you to new releases, important warnings, and real-time outage warnings. The radio tower In-product messaging icon icon alerts you to new release notes, real-time outage alerts on the Acquia Status page, or important product notifications. Click the radio tower icon to display the alerts, as shown in the following example:

The in-product messaging tray, expanded to display a message

  • Status bar: Provides real-time outage alerts. For more information about this service, see Acquia Status page.
  • Message body: Provides unread alert messages or release notes for the product.

In-product messaging alerts

The in-product messaging system displays any updates and release notes for Acquia Cloud Platform. In addition, it displays the following:

  • Alert: Description of a product issue requiring user action.
  • Warning: Description of a product issue requiring immediate user action.

The in-product messaging tray, expanded, showing alert types