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About build artifacts

Node.js application support in Cloud Platform uses the Cloud Platform pipelines functionality to build an artifact that you can then deploy to your environment.

Each artifact has a name, which enables you to select a specific artifact by that name in the deployment phase. When you deploy, the most recently built artifact will be at the top of the list. The default naming convention for node artifacts is as follows:

[git branch]@[commit hash]

This can cause issues, as commits can be amended. This can result in two artifacts with the same name but with different comments.

It is possible to set a default name for your artifact by adding configurations to your yaml file using the pipelines-artifact command and pipelines variables. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Edit your build definition file. For examples, see Example pipelines build definition files.

  2. Find the following line in the file:

    - pipelines-artifact start
  3. Edit the line by adding the PIPELINE_VCS_PATH and PIPELINE_GIT_HEAD_REF options to your start command, similar to the following:

    - PIPELINE_VCS_PATH=artifact PIPELINE_GIT_HEAD_REF=example pipelines-artifact start
  4. Save the build definition file.

Using this example, your artifact name will become artifact@example rather than branch@commit.