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Preventing data reporting in Acquia Insight

While Acquia Insight provides data that can help you manage your website performance and security, you may not want all of your websites to report data. Extraneous websites can skew your real statistics, and mask true problems you need to address.

Extra websites may be displayed in Acquia Insight because you have:

  • Old websites that haven’t been fully decommissioned
  • Local development websites cloned from websites that were reporting to Acquia Insight
  • Websites that were configured to report, but should not have been

You can disable websites from reporting data to Acquia Insight through:

Disabling reporting from the Cloud Platform user interface

The fastest way to prevent data reporting is through the Cloud Platform user interface. Disabling reporting here stops Acquia Insight from accepting additional data from an application, but does not delete already reported data or prevent the application from attempting to report. To disable reporting from the Cloud Platform user interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface as a user with the Block Insight sites permission.

  2. Select a subscription and environment, and click Insight.

  3. Disable the switch adjacent to the site name to turn data reporting off. It is on by default, when switched to the right side.

    Toggle to pause or resume data collection

    A confirmation dialog is displayed.

  4. Click Pause.

After revoking reporting permissions for an application, the module will detect the revoked permissions the next time it attempts to send data or when cron is run, and it will disable itself in Drupal.

Disabling reporting from Drupal’s user interface

Drupal sends data to Acquia Insight through the Acquia Connector. You can turn off data reporting at any time, preventing the application from attempting to connect to Acquia Insight at all. If you have revoked reporting permissions in the Cloud Platform user interface, the module will be disabled when it attempts to report.

Disabling reporting when creating a local environment

If you create a local copy of an application hosted on Cloud Platform for development, you can perform the following steps to prevent this local copy from reporting information back to Acquia Insight:

  1. Sign into your local Drupal application as an administrator.

  2. In the administrative menu for Drupal, click Reports > Status report.

  3. You may see a message such as:

    Acquia Insight returned the following messages, Further information may be in the logs. A change has been detected in your site environment. Please check the Acquia SPI status on your Status Report page for more information.

    In the table following the message, under Acquia Insight, click click the confirm the action you wish to take link.

  4. On the Acquia SPI Environment Change Actions page, select the appropriate action:

    • Disable this site from sending profile data to Acquia Insight. - Prevents this application from sending any data
    • Update existing site with these changes. - Start reporting from the current application, discontinue reporting from the previous application
    • Track this as a new site on Acquia Insight. - Continue tracking the previous application, and also track this application
  5. Click Submit to save your preference.

Disabling reporting for an existing application

If you no longer want an application to report data, you can turn off data transfer to Acquia Insight by performing the following steps:

  1. Sign into your Drupal application as an administrator.
  2. Go to your Acquia Network configuration page.
  3. Under Acquia subscription settings, deselect the appropriate check boxes. If you still want to collect data, but not send it, deselect Send via Drupal cron.
  4. Click Save configuration.

Your application will no longer send data to Acquia Insight.

Re-enabling data collection

To re-enable reporting for an application, you must re-enable the the application from the Cloud Platform user interface before re-enabling the module in Drupal.

  1. Sign in to your Cloud Platform account.
  2. Select a subscription, then an environment, and then click Insight.
  3. Click the Display score settings gear icon.
  4. Select the check box for Enable data collection, and then click Enable.

You may then sign back in to your Drupal website, and re-enable the module and its settings.