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Using Acquia Insight to optimize your application

Before you can use Acquia Insight, you must install and enable the Acquia connector in order to connect your Drupal application to the Acquia Insight service. This connection provides access to your application’s logging and configuration, which Acquia Insight then reads and evaluates as it looks for alert conditions.

Getting started with Acquia Insight

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.

  2. Select your organization, application, and environment.

  3. In the left menu, click Insight.

    • If you have a single website: you will be redirected to the Acquia Insight page for that installation.
    • If you have a multisite installation: your initial Acquia Insight page is an overview of all your environments, in a single, easy-to-read chart. To view information for a specific installation, click the link in the Origin URL column.

    Insight multisite list

    The Insight page for an environment displays the following information:

    • The environment’s current Insight Summary score.
    • Alert categories with Acquia Insight scores and alerts for Performance, Security, and Best Practices.
    • A link to the Modules page, which provides information about available updates for Drupal core and contributed modules.
    • Score history - a chart showing how this environment’s Insight score has changed over time.

The multisite chart

The multisite application list contains the following information:

  • Origin URL - The website’s origin URL.
  • Last Updated - The last time this application’s score was updated.
  • Scores for Performance, Security, Best Practices, and overall Insight score. These scores may also have a yellow triangle warning, or a red circle warning icon next to the scores, depending on the alert thresholds your application has set.
  • Customers with websites not hosted on Cloud Platform may click the Rename icon in the upper right corner to rename their environment.
  • Use the Display score settings gear icon to change your application’s alert thresholds.

The Acquia Insight score

Acquia Insight inspects each of the environments you’ve connected to Acquia and rates them based on their performance, security, and adherence to Acquia’s identified best practices for Drupal applications.

Acquia Insight displays a badge on each environment card in your subscription’s Environments page, showing the current score for that environment. Acquia Insight also displays an alert for each of the items it examines and creates an overall rating for the environment based on the types of alerts it encountered. For more information, see Understanding the Insight score and alerts.