Temporary files


The $config_directories variable is deprecated. Therefore, the temporary file path is defined as a value in the $settings array:

$settings['file_temp_path'] = '/mnt/tmp/' . $_ENV['AH_SITE_GROUP'] . '.' . $_ENV['AH_SITE_ENVIRONMENT'];

For more information, see Fix for the warning about the deprecated temporary directory configuration.

The temporary files directory in Drupal is the location on your infrastructure where Drupal core and contributed modules upload files for processing.

Acquia’s require line in your website’s settings.php file configures the location of your temporary files directory to /mnt/tmp/[sitename].[env], where [sitename] is your application name and [env] is the environment. This location is available as an environment variable.


  • If you’re unable to locate the temporary files, you can set a custom directory for storing temporary files. You must create such a directory on the shared file system. Additionally, ensure that the file path you provide to the file_temp_path parameter already exists. Otherwise, you may face issues with temporary files.

  • Do not set the temporary directory to /tmp. The /tmp directory is smaller than /mnt/tmp/[sitename].[env], may fill up quickly, and may be purged quickly.

Modules and the temporary directory

Drupal modules that write to temporary directories may require additional configuration to function properly in environments with multiple infrastructures, such as production environments for Cloud Platform Enterprise and Cloud Platform Site Factory. For more information, see Additional module issues and the following lists of modules:

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