Viewing activity notifications

The Cloud Platform interface notifies you of activities on your applications, so you can keep track of events and changes.

To view notifications about an application:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface and select your application.

  2. In the upper right of the interface page, click the bell icon to view your recent notifications.

    Viewing the activity log

  3. Click the arrow in a notification to view more information about the activity.

    Viewing the activity log

When an action is in progress, the bell icon changes to a revolving arrow that also indicates the number of active tasks:

Viewing the activity progress

What actions result in notifications?

The Activity list in the Cloud Platform interface displays a notification each time a significant action occurs in an application, including the following:

  • Code installed or a new branch or tag deployed or reverted
  • Code, database, or files copied between environments
  • Database added or deleted
  • Database backup created or deleted
  • Domain change
  • Infrastructure change (including upgrade, downgrade, relaunch or PHP version change)
  • A change to a configured cron task
  • Actions taken on the Manage page of the Cloud Platform interface, such as creating a team, adding or removing a user on a team, or editing a role
  • Actions taken on the SSL page of the Cloud Platform interface, such as generating a Certificate Signing Request or installing an SSL certificate
  • Varnish® cache clear
  • Cloud IDEs are created or removed