Stack Metrics - Cloud Capacity Units (CCU) Beta

This feature is currently in Beta and may not be visible to all users. To participate in the Beta program, contact your Acquia Account Manager.

Cloud Capacity Units is a method to track total resource usage across a variety of functionally diverse cloud services. Instead of tracking the distinct resource associated with each cloud service individually, Acquia tracks usage as a single consistent metric. This enables you to use the cloud resources on any layer of the Cloud Platform. These resources are required without having to pre-allocate capacity on a per-layer or per-environment basis.

Resources for cloud capacity units

Cloud Capacity Units are measured differently for each layer of the Acquia Cloud stack, depending on the underlying cloud services utilized by a particular layer. The following table describes the types of resources factored into Cloud Capacity Units:

Platform Layer Resources
Edge Layer CPU and memory
Web Layer (SSH, Memcache, PHP, Cron, and Cloud Hooks) CPU and memory
File System Data transfer
Database CPU, Memory, and Data Transfer


CCU metrics for File System and Database will be added at a later date.

Cloud capacity unit graphs

Acquia provides the following two graphs of Cloud Capacity Unit data in the Cloud Platform user interface:

  • Utilization by Service Layer–This graph allows you to monitor trends over time and quickly identify which service is using the most cloud resources. These metrics are useful when attempting to trace high usage to a specific infrastructure, when high traffic or changes to the application’s configuration may have had an unexpected impact on the performance of your application.

    Utilization by Service Layer

  • Utilization by Resource–This graph provides an alternative view that can diagnose which resource is being heavily utilized by your application. This data can also be useful for performance optimization purposes, as high memory usage will often have a different root cause than high CPU usage or elevated data transfer rates.

    Utilization by Resource