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Viewing tasks

The Task Log on the Environments page lists all tasks performed on each of your environments during the last seven days. By viewing recent completed tasks, you can diagnose which changes may have caused behavior (good or bad) you are seeing on your website. For each task, the Task Log displays the status, a description, and the start date and time.

Task Log

For any task, you can click the down arrow to see details of the task. The details include a task ID, user ID, start time, completion time, status, and log entry.

For tasks initiated in the Cloud Platform interface, the user ID displayed is the ID of the logged-in Acquia user. For code commits, the user ID displayed is vcs.commit. For Drush Cloud commands, the user ID displayed is the Unix user that runs the command.

Task completion status

Completed tasks are assigned one of the following states:

  • Done: The task completed as expected
  • Error: A problem occurred with the task in Cloud Platform
  • Failed: A problem occurred when using the Cloud Platform API, a custom script, or other software or service

Viewing older tasks

To view tasks older than the last seven days, you can use the Drush Cloud or Cloud API v1 commands. For example, to view tasks in your Development environment using Drush Cloud:

  1. Connect to your Cloud Platform server using SSH.

  2. Authenticate to the Cloud API v1, using drush ac-api-login with your Cloud API v1 credentials. For information about how to get your Cloud API credentials, see Cloud Platform API v1 authentication.

    drush ac-api-login
  3. Provide your username and password at the prompt.

  4. Enter a command like this:

    drush ac-task-list

By default, the ac-task-list command returns only the last seven days of tasks and no more than 50 tasks. You can modify this default behavior by using the limit or days arguments in the command. For example:

  • Get the last 30 days of tasks:

    curl -s -u user:pass
  • Get the last 200 tasks:

    curl -s -u user:pass

In any case, the command returns a maximum of 1000 tasks.

To view the details of a task, you can use the Drush ac-task-info command, which takes the ID of the task as an argument (or the corresponding Cloud API command). For example, for details about a task with the ID 1234567:

drush ac-task-info 1234567