Information for: DEVELOPERS   PARTNERS

Try Node.js on Cloud Platform

If you are an Acquia partner, or a current Cloud Platform Enterprise subscriber, you are eligible to try out a Node.js sandbox for free for 45 days.

Your free trial will be hosted on a multi-tenant development server, and does not include a production environment. The code you place on this sandbox will not be preserved if you upgrade to a paid Node.js subscription.

Contact your Account Manager to request a trial subscription.

Limits of the Node.js trial program

  • Only current Acquia partners or current Cloud Platform Enterprise subscribers are eligible.
  • The trial server is only available for 45 days.
  • The trial server will be added as an entitlement on your existing Cloud Platform Enterprise subscription.
  • You cannot upgrade the version of Node.js.
  • You cannot upsize or downsize your trial server.
  • While log streaming is available, you can only use log forwarding on your trial server if log forwarding has already been enabled for your existing Drupal subscription. Acquia will not make changes to your log forwarding configuration, including enabling or disabling log forwarding, for your trial subscription.