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Release notes - Cloud Platform

This webpage describes the regular updates Acquia has made to Cloud Platform. Note that some release dates may be in the future to allow for subscribers to prepare their environments for upcoming product versions.

For a list of known issues you may encounter when using Cloud Platform, see Known issues in Cloud Platform.

Cloud Platform - January 17, 2021 through January 23, 2021

  • Change Cloud Platform applications and environments now launch with MySQL version 5.7.31.
  • Change Cloud Platform environments have been updated to use Memcached version 1.6.8.
  • Change The free version of the Acquia Cloud Platform (Cloud Platform Free) has been temporarily disabled.

Cloud Platform - January 10, 2021 through January 16, 2021

  • Change Cloud Platform is now updated to default the PHP version to 7.4.
  • Fix For a few hours, some buttons in the Cloud Platform user interface were missing labels.

Cloud Platform - January 03, 2021 through January 09, 2021

  • Feature The Cloud Platform pipelines feature now adds libxss1, a library that’s a dependency for some Google Chrome versions. It allows some customers to use Chrome who couldn’t before.
  • Change The charts on the Stackmetrics page now shows granularity to two decimal places when you activate the tooltip.

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