You're almost done! Now it's time to publish your website so that your visitors can see it.

Copy your website to the Production environment

  1. Open the Workflow page.

  2. Drag the code that you want your visitors to see from either the Dev or Stage environments into the Prod environment.

    Moving code to Production

  3. After you copy your code to the Production environment, repeat the process with the copied code's related files and databases.

Your website is published! Acquia Cloud displays your website to all of your visitors.

Protect your Production environment

Setting your Production environment to Production mode protects you from accidentally copying databases and files to your Prod environment. To enable Production mode:

  1. Sign in to Acquia, select your site, and open the Workflow page.

  2. Open the menu for the Prod environment, and then select Switch to Production mode.

  3. Click Change Mode.

Add a domain name to your Acquia Cloud website

After you create or import your website into Acquia Cloud, the websites in each of your environments are provided a default domain name by Acquia Cloud. You can use these default domain names until you configure a custom domain name for the website, such as

Your DNS provider guides you through the custom domain name creation process and has to point your domain name to the IP address of your Acquia Cloud website. The IP addresses for each of your website's environments are on the Domains page.

To add your website's DNS name to Acquia Cloud after your provider has made its change, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Domains page, in the environment that you want to add a domain, click Add domain.

  2. Enter the domain name without the protocol header in the text box. For example, use, but not

  3. Click Add domain.

If you want to make your website available at both and, add both domain names.

Additional information

For more information about any of the steps or procedures you used during this process, see the Acquia Cloud Help.

If you need help or require assistance, visit the Acquia subscriber forums to join discussions with your peers and get help on a broad range of technical topics.

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