Managing your files

Your files are kept separately from your codebase and databases in Acquia Cloud. Files consist of the content that you upload (for example, PDF files).

The Files section of the Workflow page at Cloud > Workflow is a user interface for copying files between your website's environments. When you first create or import a website, the Prod environment is in Pre-launch mode. You can copy files freely between your Dev, Stage, and Prod environments while your website is in the Pre-launch mode.

After you switch to Production mode, you cannot copy files (or databases) to your Prod environment. The typical workflow is from right to left, where you copy files from Prod to either Stage or Dev. If you were to change the mode to Pre-launch and drag your Stage environment to Prod, the files in Stage would be merged with the files in Prod, so files present in the target but not the source are preserved.

Copying files between environments

To copy files from one environment to another environment on the Workflow page, complete the following steps:

  1. Drag a Files node from the source environment to the target environment.
    A confirmation window overlays the Workflow page.
  2. Click Copy.

Acquia Cloud copies the files between the environments and updates the web servers with your changes. You can track the status of the file copy process in the task list below the environments on the Workflow page.

Backing up your files

For information about backing up your files, see Backing up your site. The Backup and Migrate module is not supported on Acquia Cloud.

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