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Acquia Cloud 1.93

Wed, 7 Sep 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following updates:


  • Code-based access to your custom domain list
    You can now use the new ah_domains array to obtain a list of the custom domains used with your subscription.


  • Drush has been upgraded to version 8.1.3.
  • When using Live Development, tasks now time out after 60 minutes. Tasks previously timed out after 30 seconds.

Acquia Cloud 1.92.8

Wed, 24 Aug 2016

This Acquia Cloud hotfix includes the following updates:


  • PHP has been upgraded to versions 5.6.24 and 7.0.9.
  • Acquia Cloud now supports the utf8mb4 MySQL setting, which causes attempts to add excessively long indexes ( >767 bytes) to be rejected, while throwing an exception. Previously, MySQL in Acquia Cloud would have simply truncated any index over 255 bytes when attempting to create it.

Fixed issue

  • Users could not install Drupal 8.1.8 or Lightning 8.x-1.03 in an Acquia Cloud environment. (CL-13943)

Acquia Cloud 1.92

Wed, 3 Aug 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following updates:


  • All Acquia Cloud load balancers now run nginx 1.8.
  • A new user_cache_size setting enables tuning APCu shm_size on Acquia Cloud instances, which can provide better performance for some Drupal 8 websites. If you are interested in modifying this setting, contact Acquia Support.
  • AppNeta TraceView has been upgraded to the latest version.
  • The Drush Cloud ac-task-list method now includes limit and days arguments you can use to control which tasks are returned. To take advantage of this, you must refresh your Drush aliases.

Fixed issue

  • User IDs were not logged on Drupal 8 websites. (CL-13515)

Acquia Cloud 1.91

Mon, 20 Jun 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following updates:


  • Improved monitoring of ephemeral storage and website availability

    Acquia sends alerts about and mitigates situations when a website fills ephemeral disk storage, which can be critical to website availability. When these alerts occur, Acquia Cloud will now do the following:

    • Search for and truncate large temporary mail files
    • Search /mnt/tmp and delete any large files or any large number of small files
    • Search for and remove any duplicative log files older than three days

    Having Acquia Cloud handle these events directly prevents some of the more common reasons that websites run out of ephemeral storage, helping your website remain available to visitors. Learn more.

  • Better support for cache clearing when using Acquia Purge

    We have updated the settings.php template for Drupal 8 websites to better support cache clearing with the Acquia Purge module (currently under development for Drupal 8). Learn more.


  • By default, websites created after version 1.91 is released will implement Varnish caching through SSL. This setting change will not apply to pre-existing websites, but you can configure Acquia Cloud Professional and Acquia Cloud Enterprise environments to enable Varnish through SSL.

    Implementing this setting causes traffic over SSL to be cached, resulting in better website performance. Learn more.

  • PHP 5.6 has been upgraded to version 5.6.22.
  • PHP 7.0.7 has been added to Acquia Cloud.
  • Drush 8 has been upgraded to version 8.1.

Acquia Cloud 1.90.2

Wed, 15 Jun 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


We have modified the Cloud API tasks command in order to make it perform much better. Formerly, the tasks command would return all of a site's tasks. Now, by default it returns only the last seven days of tasks and no more than 50 tasks.

You can modify this default behavior by using the limit or days arguments in the command. For example:

  • Get the last 30 days of tasks:

    curl -s -u user:pass https://cloudapi.acquia.com/v1/sites/realm:mysite/tasks.json?days=30

  • Get the last 200 tasks:

    curl -s -u user:pass https://cloudapi.acquia.com/v1/sites/realm:mysite/tasks.json?limit=200

In any case, the command returns a maximum of 1000 tasks.

Acquia Cloud 1.90.1

Wed, 11 May 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


  • Git has been upgraded to version 1.9.1.

Acquia Cloud 1.90

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following updates:


  • In an effort to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, Acquia Cloud now constrains key exchanges with SSH clients to strong algorithms. To connect to Acquia Cloud servers, SSH clients must contain an accepted Key Exchange Algorithm. Learn more.
  • The Acquia Cloud cron-wrapper.sh script now uses the default version of Drush (Drush 8). Learn more about cron.
  • The default PHP error log level for production environments does not include Notice, Strict, and Deprecated messages. These messages continue to be logged for all non-production environments. Learn more.
  • PHP processes can no longer execute in the files directory — executable code belongs in the codebase.
  • PHP has been upgraded to versions 5.5.33 and 5.6.19
  • ffmpeg has been upgraded to version 2.1.8.

Acquia Cloud 1.89.2

Tue, 1 Mar 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


  • The installed version of PHP 5.5 has been upgraded to version 5.5.32, and the installed version of PHP 5.6 has been upgraded to version 5.6.18. For information about what changes these PHP versions contain, see the PHP change log.

Acquia Cloud 1.89.1

Thu, 4 Feb 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


  • Any SSH public keys you add to your Acquia profile using the Acquia Cloud interface must be at least 4096 bits. Learn more.

Acquia Cloud 1.89

Sun, 24 Jan 2016

Acquia Cloud includes the following updates and fixes:


  • Get a better view of your site's connection information

    To help you learn more about connection issues that your customers may be experiencing when connecting to your Acquia-hosted websites (or to better understand any issues you may be encountering), the traceroute diagnostic tool is now installed on the Acquia Cloud platform.

  • New environment variable: AH_REALM

    To help you determine the realm in which your website is running, Acquia Cloud now includes a new environment variable: AH_REALM. Your website's realm is a required parameter in calls that you make to the Cloud API.


  • PHP 5.6 is now the default version for websites created on Acquia Cloud.
  • Both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 have been removed from the Acquia platform. Scripts that rely on these versions of Ruby may be impacted by this change and must be updated to use Ruby 2.1.
  • Acquia Cloud logs a warning to the PHP error log when the PHP opcache is full.
  • Log entries to the Drupal watchdog log are no longer duplicated in syslog.
  • TLS v1.0 is no longer supported for connecting to Subversion (SVN) servers. Because of this, Acquia Cloud requires SVN version 1.8 or greater to connect to code repositories.

Fixed issue

  • In some cases, an issue with New Relic configuration caused unneeded database operations, which could affect performance. (CL-11994)

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