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  • Wed, 25 May 2016

    Acquia Cloud includes the following updates:


    • Improved monitoring of ephemeral storage and site availability

      Acquia automatically alerts on and mitigates situations when a site fills ephemeral disk storage, which can be critical to site availability. When these alerts occur, our systems will:

      • Search for and automatically truncate large temporary mail files.
      • Search /mnt/tmp and automatically delete any large files or any large number of small files.
      • Search for and automatically remove any duplicative log files older than three days.

      Acquia has historically responded to these alerts and taken these actions manually, which slowed our ability to remediate performance or availability issues for our customers. Changes in this release allow the Acquia Cloud platform to automatically take action on a few of the more common reasons that sites run out of ephemeral storage. For more information, see Changes to Monitoring of Ephemeral Storage and Site Availability.

    • Varnish over SSL

      Sites created after this release will automatically implement Varnish caching through SSL by default. This setting change will not apply to existing sites, but you can configure Acquia Cloud Professional and Acquia Cloud Enterprise environments to enable Varnish through SSL.

      By implementing this setting, traffic over SSL will be automatically cached, resulting in better performance. Learn more about the benefits of Varnish caching through SSL in Best practices for a fully SSL-protected site.

      For information about how to enable or disable Varnish through SSL using the Acquia Cloud interface, see Using Varnish.

    • Adding reverse_proxies settings for the Drupal 8 acquia_purge module

      We have updated the settings.php template for Drupal 8 websites to better support cache clearing with the Acquia Purge module (currently under development for Drupal 8). For more information, see Adding reverse_proxies settings for Drupal 8 acquia_purge module.

    • Component version upgrades
      • PHP 5.6 has been upgraded to version 5.6.20, and PHP 7.0.5 has been added.
      • Drush 8 has been upgraded to version 8.1.
  • Wed, 11 May 2016

    Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


    • Git has been upgraded to version 1.9.1.
  • Wed, 30 Mar 2016

    Acquia Cloud includes the following updates:


    • In an effort to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, Acquia Cloud now constrains key exchanges with SSH clients to strong algorithms. To connect to Acquia Cloud servers, SSH clients must contain an accepted Key Exchange Algorithm. Learn more.
    • The Acquia Cloud cron-wrapper.sh script now uses the default version of Drush (Drush 8). Learn more about cron.
    • The default PHP error log level for production environments does not include Notice, Strict, and Deprecated messages. These messages continue to be logged for all non-production environments. Learn more.
    • PHP processes can no longer execute in the files directory — executable code belongs in the codebase.
    • PHP has been upgraded to versions 5.5.33 and 5.6.19
    • ffmpeg has been upgraded to version 2.1.8.
  • Tue, 1 Mar 2016

    Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


    • The installed version of PHP 5.5 has been upgraded to version 5.5.32, and the installed version of PHP 5.6 has been upgraded to version 5.6.18. For information about what changes these PHP versions contain, see the PHP change log.
  • Thu, 4 Feb 2016

    Acquia Cloud includes the following update:


    • Any SSH public keys you add to your Acquia profile using the Acquia Cloud interface must be at least 4096 bits. Learn more.
  • Sun, 24 Jan 2016

    Acquia Cloud includes the following updates and fixes:


    • Get a better view of your site's connection information

      To help you learn more about connection issues that your customers may be experiencing when connecting to your Acquia-hosted websites (or to better understand any issues you may be encountering), the traceroute diagnostic tool is now installed on the Acquia Cloud platform.

    • New environment variable: AH_REALM

      To help you determine the realm in which your website is running, Acquia Cloud now includes a new environment variable: AH_REALM. Your website's realm is a required parameter in calls that you make to the Cloud API.


    • PHP 5.6 is now the default version for websites created on Acquia Cloud.
    • Both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 have been removed from the Acquia platform. Scripts that rely on these versions of Ruby may be impacted by this change and must be updated to use Ruby 2.1.
    • Acquia Cloud logs a warning to the PHP error log when the PHP opcache is full.
    • Log entries to the Drupal watchdog log are no longer duplicated in syslog.
    • TLS v1.0 is no longer supported for connecting to Subversion (SVN) servers. Because of this, Acquia Cloud requires SVN version 1.8 or greater to connect to code repositories.

    Fixed issue

    • In some cases, an issue with New Relic configuration caused unneeded database operations, which could affect performance. (CL-11994)
  • Tue, 19 Jan 2016

    The first stable release of the Acquia Connector module for Drupal 8, version 8.x-1.0, is now available for download on Drupal.org and the Acquia downloads page.

  • Thu, 31 Dec 2015

    Acquia Cloud includes the following updates and fixes:


    • The installed version of Drush 8 is now Drush 8.0.1. For more information, see the Drush 8 release notes.
    • Drush 8 is now the default version of Drush on all Acquia Cloud servers. Most Drush scripts and cron jobs will continue to work with Drush 8 without any changes. However, if your cron jobs, Cloud Hooks, or other scripts rely on a different version of Drush, or if you are unsure whether they do or not, you can edit your scripts to specify a Drush version number. Learn more about specifying your Drush version.

    Fixed issue

    • On Drupal 8 websites, syslog did not write entries to the Drupal watchdog log. (CL-11489)
  • Tue, 24 Nov 2015

    Acquia Cloud includes the following change:


    • The version of Drush 8 installed on Acquia Cloud is now Drush 8.0.0-rc3. The default version of Drush on Acquia Cloud is Drush 6. Learn more.
  • Mon, 9 Nov 2015

    Acquia Cloud includes the following changes and updates:


    • SSH syntax change

      If you attempt to connect to servers by using SSH and do not specify the environment, Acquia Cloud will display an error message and the connection will fail. For example, using a syntax similar to the following will display a warning message:

      ssh [site]@[server]

      Instead, you should use the following format:

      ssh [site].[env]@[server]

      Communications to your Git or SVN repository are not affected by this syntax change, and you do not need to make any changes to your SSH keys as a result of it.

    • PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6 have been upgraded

      The version of PHP 5.5 installed on Acquia Cloud is now version 5.5.30 and the version of PHP 5.6 installed on Acquia Cloud is now version 5.6.14. See the PHP release announcement for more information.

    • Removed authorized_keys2 file

      We have removed the authorized_keys2 file from the Acquia Cloud platform. This change is part of Acquia's continuing effort to ensure our products are secure, reliable and scalable. This will have no effect on you unless you manually added public keys to the authorized_keys2 file. Such public keys will no longer be used for SSH authentication. You should instead use the Acquia Cloud interface or Cloud API to add persistent public keys that will be automatically deployed across their instances.

    • Support for larger HTTP headers

      Acquia Cloud now supports HTTP headers with a size up to 16 KB at all levels of the platform stack. This change enhances support for Drupal 8.

    • acquia-files symlink added to .gitignore

      The acquia-files symlink has been added to the default .gitignore file in Git repositories. This will resolve an issue that could cause disabling Live Development mode to fail.

    • Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 will be removed

      In the upcoming Acquia Cloud 1.89 platform release, Acquia will end support for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 and remove these deprecated versions from the Acquia platform. If your application uses scripts that rely on Ruby 1.8 or 1.9, your application may be impacted by this change. We strongly recommend customers update any Ruby scripts to Ruby 2.1 prior to the Acquia Cloud 1.89 release.


    • Drush 8 has been upgraded to version 8.0.0-rc2 and Drush 7 has been upgraded to version 7.0.0.
    • AppNeta TraceView has been upgraded to the latest version, which adds support for PHP 5.6.

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