Importing a site archive

To import your existing website to Acquia Cloud using a site archive file, complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare your website before you export it from your current environment.

  2. Create a Drupal site archive file for import by exporting your existing Drupal website.

    You can use the tools provided in your existing website environment (including Acquia Dev Desktop), or you can use the Drush archive-dump command. The archive-dump command is available in Drush 4.5 or later. For more information about importing your website using Drush, see Importing an existing website using Drush.

  3. Import your website into the Dev environment of your Acquia Cloud account. Acquia Cloud commits your website code to your Acquia Cloud code repository, installs your database, and uploads your files.

  4. Check out a local copy of the repository using either Git or Subversion (SVN).

You can also import an existing website manually, using the mysqldump command and importing your files using SFTP, scp, or rsync.

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