Importing a site with the Workflow page

After you create a site archive file, you are ready to import your site archive. Use the following steps to import an existing Drupal site archive into an Acquia Cloud site using the Cloud > Workflow page.

To import your website (site archive size less than 100MB) using the Cloud > Workflow page:

  1. Sign in to Acquia, select the Sites tab, and then select your site from the Sites menu.

    If you don't want to overwrite the contents of any of your current sites with an imported website, you can create a new site for your Drupal website.

  2. Open the Workflow page at Cloud > Workflow.

  3. Open the menu for the environment into which you want to import the site archive file and select Import existing site.

    Import an existing site

    The Import Existing Site page opens.

    Import a site archive

    Note: If you cannot select Import existing site from the menu, ensure that the Code entity in the environment has a branch or trunk selected, and that you are not in Live Development mode.

  4. Select Upload Drush site archive, if you are importing a local Drush site archive file. If you are importing a remote site archive, skip to Importing a Drush site archive from a URL.
  5. Check I understand that this will overwrite everything in your environment, and click Continue.
  6. Click Choose file and browse to select your site archive file, then click Finish.

Importing a Drush site archive from a URL

To import a Drush site archive from a URL, first follow steps 1 to 3 in the procedure above, then:

  1. On the Import Existing Site - Step 1 of 3 page, select Import Drush site archive from URL.

    Importing from a URL

  2. Check I understand that this will overwrite everything in your environment, and click Continue.
  3. On the Import Existing Site - Step 2 of 3 page, enter the URL of the Drush site archive you want to import and click Finish.

After you import

You can check the progress of the import in the Task log section on the Workflow page. When the import task is "done," you can visit your site, develop its code, and create content.

After Acquia Cloud imports your codebase, files and database, it adds the 'require' statement found on the Databases page to your settings.php so that your code can access the correct database.

To ensure that Acquia Cloud imported your website correctly, click the URL for the environment to visit your site.

Visit your site

Drupal Gardens site archive only: To access your website after you import it into Acquia Cloud, use the username and password in the credentials-[sitename]-user1_[random].txt file in the site archive. After your website is back online in Acquia Cloud, all other registered users will need to reset their passwords using the website's /user/password page ( and their email address.

To start modifying your code, download a local copy of the repository using the SVN or Git checkout command.

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