Generating an SSH public key (Windows)

To generate an SSH public key:

  1. Download PuTTYgen to your computer.
  2. To run the application, double-click the PuTTYgen icon.
  3. Select the SSH-2 RSA option, set the number of bits in the generated key to 2048, and then click Generate.


  4. Move your mouse over the blank gray area of the PuTTY Key Generator pane. This adds random elements to the key generation process so that you obtain a unique key.


  5. Enter a key comment and passphrase in the appropriate fields.
    • Key comment - Identify an individual key with a comment. This is useful if you have multiple keys for different accounts.
    • Key passphrase - Enter the key passphrase to authenticate your key. Every time you access your Acquia Cloud account you will need to enter this. Some SFTP/SCP/RSYNC programs allow you to save the passphrase for easier repeated access.


  6. To save your key in OpenSSH format, which is necessary to ensure that the key is compatible with Acquia Dev Desktop and Acquia Cloud, select Conversions > Export OpenSSH key.

    Convert key to OpenSSH

  7. Click Save private key.

    Remember where you save this key on your system. You will need it to access your directories on Acquia Cloud. Keep your private key safe. Do not disclose it or publish it where others can find it.

  8. Copy to your clipboard the public key displayed on the PuTTYgen panel including ssh-rsa at the beginning and your key comment at the end. You can then paste it in the Acquia UI when you add the public key to your Acquia user profile.
  9. Click Save public key.

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