Configuring Code Studio

There are a number of ways your team can customize Code Studio to fit your team’s development workflow. Review the following pages to see all the available customizations for Code Studio:

Using Code Studio with Site Factory applications

Customers with Site Factory applications can leverage the Continuous Integration (CI) capabilities of Code Studio. However, certain features that are available on Code Studio for Cloud Classic and Cloud Next applications are not available for Site Factory applications.

The limitations are as follows:

  • Continuous Delivery Environments (CDEs) are incompatible with Site Factory. You must disable the CDE job by setting its value to false. For more information, see modifying the environment variables.
  • The Code Studio Auto DevOps pipeline is pre-configured to build, test, and deploy a single site.
    • If the codebase is correctly configured for Drupal, Code Studio selects the default site that represents the entire set of sites in your Site Factory application.
    • To modify the default behavior, you can customize the Auto DevOps pipeline. For more information, see customizing the Auto DevOps pipeline.