FAQs and troubleshooting


EOL notice! Drupal 8 reached end-of-life on November 2, 2021. Therefore, Acquia will not be performing any testing related to Drupal 8 to ensure compatibility. Acquia recommends upgrading to Drupal 9 or later. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

What versions of Drupal does Code Studio support?

Code Studio supports Drupal 9 or later.

I am seeing a lot of SAST jobs in my Pipeline. Why?

It is likely that you committed contributed dependencies to your repository. Acquia does not recommend this.

git rm -r --cached vendor docroot/core docroot/libraries
docroot/modules/contrib docroot/themes/contrib
docroot/profiles/contrib node_modules

Add these to your .gitignore. For an example, see acquia/drupal-recommended-project.

How do I install private packages through Composer?

Composer provides multiple mechanisms for downloading private packages. Acquia recommends that you store authentication credentials in a project auth.json. For more information, see Authentication in auth.json per project.

This works in Code Studio CI/CD jobs.

I cannot push Git commits through SSH. Why?

SSH access is currently restricted for applications running on Kubernetes in Acquia Cloud. This feature is under development and will be available prior to LA/GA. For more information about deploy tokens, see Deploy Tokens API.

I cannot sudo and add packages, move binaries, etc. Why?

This is a security restriction on application containers running in the Acquia Kubernetes service.

  • If you’re downloading a binary, such as composer.phar or acli.phar (which Acquia has already done for you), you can place it in '$HOME/bin'. The bin folder in the CI user’s home directory is already added to $PATH. It works as long as your binary has an execute permissions set.
  • To download a package through `apt` or similar, submit a case with Acquia Support.

CDE already exists. What can I do?

Error Message:

CDE environment with name CDE-xxxx already exists

Resolution 1:

If a merge request cannot be declined/merged immediately for some reason, one way is to stop the CDE environment:

  1. Log in to Code Studio.
  2. Navigate to Environments.
  3. Determine the respective environment with the same feature branch name, and stop the environment.
  4. Wait for a few minutes for the current pipeline to succeed, and to delete the existing CDE with the same name.
  5. Make some minor changes to the current feature’s merge request to re-initiate the pipeline with the CDE creation job.

Resolution 2:

  1. Rename the existing CD environment that is pointing to the same source branch from Acquia Cloud.
  2. Make some minor changes to the current feature’s merge request to re-initiate the pipeline with CDE creation job.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can have in Code Studio?

No. You can have unlimited projects in Code Studio.

Does Code Studio work with Cloud IDE?

Yes. For instructions on how to set up Code Studio with Cloud IDE, see Setting up a Code Studio project.

For more information, see the following tutorials on

Can I use an existing application with Code Studio?

Yes. Code Studio is compatible with existing applications running Acquia CMS, Drupal 9 or later.

Code Studio makes assumptions about how projects are formatted and which tools are used with it. Existing projects may need to make alterations based on these assumptions to take full advantage of Code Studio.

Can I use a third-party repository with Code Studio?

Yes. You can use a third-party repository with Code Studio. For instructions on how to integrate your private repository with Code Studio, see Configuring repository mirroring in Code Studio.

Does Code Studio work with Jira?

Yes. Code Studio works with Jira. For instructions on how to configure Code Studio with Jira, see How to achieve a Gitlab Jira integration.

You can configure each GitLab project in Code Studio to connect to an entire Jira instance. After the configuration, the GitLab project can interact with all Jira projects in that instance. You do not have to associate a GitLab project with a single Jira project.

Can you integrate a Veracode Static analysis with the Code Studio AutoDevOps pipeline?

Yes. You can integrate a Veracode Static analysis by customizing the standard template for the Code Studio AutoDevOps pipeline.

To customize the AutoDevOps pipeline in Code Studio, see Adding a before_script or after_script to a Code Studio job.

How many users can I add to Code Studio?

With Code Studio entitlements, seats are equivalent to users. The number of seats within your Code Studio subscription is equal to the number of users you can add to your Code Studio instance.

For more questions about Code Studio entitlements, contact your Acquia account team.

Can I use Code Studio with non-Drupal applications?

Yes. You can use Code Studio with non-Drupal applications. However, the AutoDevOps pipeline is optimized for Drupal.

When using non-Drupal applications, such as Node, the Test Drupal stage jobs do not work.

Can I customize Code Studio builds?

Yes. You can customize Code Studio builds. For instructions, see Customizing a default Code Studio pipeline.

I am seeing rector errors during scheduled jobs. Why?

Error Message:

Undefined constant Rector\Core\Configuration\Option::IMPORT_DOC_BLOCKS

This error is usually a result of an older version of rector being added in your project. Code Studio attempts to add the latest version of rector during the Pipeline. However, it uses your version if that is included in your project’s composer.lock.

Resolution 1:

  1. Run composer remove palantirnet/drupal-rector.
  2. Delete the rector.php file from the root of your project, allowing Code Studio to handle rector going forward.

Resolution 2:

  1. Run composer update palantirnet/drupal-rector -W to upgrade your rector package to the latest rector version.
  2. Remove the rector.php file from the root of your project.
  3. Run cp vendor/palantirnet/drupal-rector/rector.php to recopy the rector.php file.

Error Message:

Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\Configurator\ContainerConfigurator::__construct(): Argument #1 ($container) must be of type
Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerBuilder, RectorPrefix202208\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerBuilder given,
called in /home/codestudio/.config/composer/vendor/rector/rector/vendor/symfony/dependency-injection/Loader/PhpFileLoader.php on line 67

This error indicates that your project’s rector.php file needs to be recreated. Newer versions of rector altered the configuration syntax, resulting in your rector.php file no longer being valid.


  1. Remove the rector.php file at the root of your project.
  2. Run cp vendor/palantirnet/drupal-rector/rector.php to recopy the rector.php file to your project.