Group, project, and user management

Groups, projects, and users

In Code Studio, you use your group to manage one or more related projects at the same time.

  • Group: A group is unique to your customer organization or subscription.
  • Project: A project is a single codebase synonymous with your Acquia hosted application. Every customer receives one unique group for their organization to manage projects. Code Studio can have unlimited number of projects.
  • User: A user belonging to a group is granted access to all projects within the group.


User management and project management features are inherited from GitLab. For more information, see Group and Project.

User roles

Users have different abilities depending on the role they have in a particular group or project. The role of a user determines the permissions they have on a project. If a user is both in a project’s group and the project, the highest role is used.


All user roles and permissions are inherited from GitLab. For more information, see User permissions and roles.

In Code Studio, a user can have the following five different roles:

  • Owner
  • Maintainer
  • Developer
  • Reporter
  • Guest

Only Maintainer and Owner roles can enable or disable branch protection.

For a full list of available permissions for each role, see the Project members permissions.

The Owner role provides all permissions but is available only for group owners in Code Studio. If a user is not set as a group owner, the user cannot get the Owner role and permissions in a project in Code Studio.

A user’s role in a group role is inherited for that user on their group’s projects.


All user roles and permissions are inherited from GitLab. For more information, see the User permissions and roles.

Managing user roles and permissions

Owners of Code Studio groups can manage permissions of the users belonging to their group and projects. To update permissions for the users in your group:

  1. Navigate to your Code Studio Group.

    The URL contains your group namespace, which is similar to<your group name>.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Group Information > Members.

    Menu link showing list of Group members.

  3. Modify the user roles of the members in your group.

    Imaging showing User role menu open.

    For information on the level of access granted per role, see User permissions and roles.


    The permissions set at the group level are inherited for each project in Code Studio.