Installing Acquia Commerce Manager and components

Installing Acquia Commerce Manager

Use the following instructions to install Acquia Commerce Manager and connect your Drupal website to your commerce solution.


Before installing Acquia Commerce Manager, be sure to plan for the following requirements:

  • Contact your Acquia Account Manager to obtain the Drupal modules for Acquia Commerce Manager.
  • Understand your PCI DSS compliance needs. To be PCI DSS compliant, your main website must be in Acquia’s shared virtual private cloud (VPC). Because your website connects to your payment gateway, it is considered to be in scope for PCI DSS compliance. For information about Acquia’s PCI DSS compliance, see Compliance with standards and regulations.

Getting started

To install and use Acquia Commerce Manager, complete the following steps to connect your Drupal website with your commerce solution:

  1. On your Drupal website, install the Acquia Commerce Manager Drupal modules.
  2. Work with Acquia to configure the Commerce Connector Service to communicate between Drupal and your commerce solution.
  3. If you are using Magento as your commerce solution, configure the Magento-to-Acquia Commerce Manager connection.

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