Drupal Commons

Current version: Drupal Commons 3.32

Drupal Commons, built on Drupal 7, is a ready-to-use solution for building either internal or external communities that provides a complete social business software solution for organizations.

This custom Drupal distribution includes the modules and features that you need to help you quickly meet your website development and management needs, while also providing a social environment for your site visitors.

Because of the open nature of Drupal, you can also monitor the distribution's development on its drupal.org project page, as well as post bugs and interact with its developers.

New features in version 3.x include a completely rebuilt user experience, deeper mobile support, and bolstered analytics capabilities for enhanced moderator productivity.

Getting started with Drupal Commons

To start taking advantage of Drupal Commons, select one of the following links:

For additional information, browse the Knowledge Base articles in the Help Center.

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