Using the People directory

Because Drupal Commons is meant to facilitate social interaction between you, your site visitors, and between site visitors themselves, it's important to ensure that everyone can interact with each other in as straightforward a manner as possible. To encourage these interactions, Drupal Commons has the People directory.

Using the People directory, you and your site visitors can find other site users, follow their accounts and activity, and establish connections that allow users to communicate privately using the website, without the intrusion or privacy concerns associated with email.

Enabling the People directory

To use the People directory, you must enable the Commons Search Solr User feature. To do this:

  1. In the admin menu, go to Menu > Modules, and then disable the Commons Search Core module. Be sure to click Save configuration if you make a change to the page.
  2. Go to Menu > Structure, and then click the Features link.
  3. Click the Commons - Search vertical tab.
  4. Ensure that the Commons Search Solr User check box is selected.
  5. If you had to enable the check box, click Save settings.

Displaying users and managing relationships

To view a list of the website's user accounts, click the People tab at the top of any page.

By default, the People page displays the website's user accounts as a collection of cards.

If you're looking for a particular user account in the list of accounts, use the search field at the top of the page. Select the Following check box to display only the users that you're following.

Each card displays the user's avatar and user's recent activity and provides the ability to manage your relationship with that user account by following (or unfollowing) the user account, and trusting (or untrusting) the user account

Following other users

To keep track of other users and their activity, you can follow them on your Drupal Commons website. Following a user account displays updates of the user's activity in your content and activity streams and sends email updates of that activity as well (unless you've disabled email notifications).

To follow another user account from the People directory, find the user account card and click Follow. The button text changes to Following, which indicates that you're now following the user account.

To unfollow a user account and stop receiving updates of the user's activity, click Following on their user account card.

Managing trusted contacts

The People directory also allows you to establish trusted connections to other users of the website, which allows them to send website-hosted messages to one another and share content privately. For more information about trusted contacts, see Establishing trusted contacts between users.

To request a connection to another user account, find the user account card and click Add as trusted contact. The button text changes to Pending contact until the user accepts your request.

After the user accepts your connection request, the button changes to Message. Click Message to enter and send a private message through the website to another user account. The other user is notified with a status icon at the top of the website with a link to your sent message.

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