Displaying your site in other languages

Using Lingotek Inside Drupal, you can quickly and easily add one or more languages to your Drupal Commons website, expanding its audience without requiring a large amount of manual translation effort.

To add additional languages to your website using Lingotek and translate its content based on those selected languages:

  1. Go to Menu > Modules, and then enable each of the following modules one at a time, ensuring that you click Save configuration after you enable each module:
    • Internationalization
    • Lingotek Translation
    • Variable admin
  2. After you've separately enabled each module, Drupal Commons displays the initial Lingotek configuration page.

    To use (or create) your Lingotek account and select the language you want to use with your website, follow the procedures on the Translation Module Setup Wizard page at drupaltranslation.com.

  3. Go to Menu > Configuration > Languages, and then click the Detection and Selection tab.
  4. Select the Enabled check box for the language detection methods that you want to use, and then drag the methods to specify the order in which your website uses them.
  5. After you've configured your website's language detection methods, click Save settings.
  6. Go to Menu > Configuration > Message settings, and in the Other settings section, click the Copy messages text fields from one language to others link. This copies all of the message text from your website's default language to the other installed languages.
  7. After you copy the text, you'll need to manually translate the message text into any other installed languages. To do this, go to Menu > Structure > Message types, and then click the edit link for each untranslated message.
  8. Go to Menu > Configuration > Variables, and on the Commons Site Homepage vertical tab enable variable translation for both of the variables. You can then edit each of the variables and specify unique text for all of your site’s enabled languages.

Your website is now available in both its original, default language and in any other language you added as a part of the Lingotek integration.

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