Question content type (2.5+)

Along with the standard content types provided by other Drupal distributions, Drupal Commons provides a question content type, allowing you to obtain answers from other users to questions you might have.

Creating questions

To create a question, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Question content type using your preferred content creation process.

    The Create Question page opens.

  2. Enter your question in the Question field.

    Optionally, you can provide additional information relating to the question in Additional information. Users viewing the question see this information below the question on its detail page.

  3. In the Groups vertical tab, select the groups into which you want to post the question.
  4. Click Ask your question.

Displaying questions

You can view all of the questions posted on the website that you have access to, or just display those questions posted to a single group.

In a group

To view a list of the questions posted to a group, open the Group's page, and then select the Q & A tab.

From the website

To display a list of all of the questions from all of your groups, select Community > Q & A from the primary links menu.

Answering questions

You can respond to any question that's posted to a group to which you're a member.

To provide an answer to a posted question:

  1. Find and then select a question to open its detail page.
  2. Enter a response to the question in the Add answer field.
  3. Click Add answer.

Your answer then appears in the list of responses, along with voting icons and a point number. Users who view questions can register a vote for each posted response. The number of votes for or against a response comprises its point value. Responses with a higher point value (meaning that they've obtained more positive votes than other responses) display at the top of the list of responses to the question.

You can only rate a response positively, negatively, or no rating. To remove a rating you assigned to a response, click on the rating icon again to remove your vote.

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