System requirements for Drupal Commons

Because Drupal Commons 3.x is a Drupal 7 distribution that includes several additional Acquia-identified or developed modules, the best resource for hardware and software requirements is the System requirements page on

Additional PHP requirements

Drupal Commons has the following additional PHP requirements:

  • The GD graphics library must be available.
  • Your environment's php.ini file requires the following PHP settings:
    • max_execution_time - Greater than or equal to 120 seconds
    • memory_limit - Greater than or equal to 128MB (190MB recommended)
    • mod_rewrite - Must be enabled
    • apc.shm_size - Greater than or equal to 96MB (only required if using APC)

Installing Drupal Commons

After you've confirmed that your server meets the hardware, software, and PHP requirements for Drupal Commons, visit Installing Drupal Commons for information about how to download and install Drupal Commons in your environment.

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