Installing Content Hub for Drupal 7

Installing Content Hub

Use the following instructions to install the Content Hub client modules on your Drupal 7 website.


As you prepare to use Content Hub with your website, be sure to plan for the following requirements:

Component Requirement
Drupal version Drupal 7
PHP version PHP 5.4 or greater
Keys After you purchase Content Hub, Acquia will email you a set of keys which are required to connect to the Content Hub content repository.
Other Content Hub assumes you are using clean URLs.

Installation instructions

Use the following steps to install Content Hub on each of your websites:

  1. Download and extract the following modules into separate directories in your docroot/sites/all/modules/ directory:
  2. Obtain the following modules from the most recent Content Hub release note, and then extract them into separate directories in your docroot/sites/all/modules/ directory:
    • Content Hub
    • Acquia Content Hub Connector
  3. Sign in to your website as an administrator, and then click Modules in the admin menu to view the Modules page.
  4. Select the Content Hub check box.
  5. Click Save configuration to save your module settings.
  6. In the admin menu, click Configuration, and then click the Content Hub Connector link (http://[site_URL]]/admin/config/services/content-hub).
  7. Click the Connection tab, and then complete the following fields:
    • API Key - Acquia-provided value
    • Secret Key - Acquia-provided value
    • Content Hub Connector Hostname - The URL for the Content Hub API
      Your Acquia technical contact will provide you with this URL. Ensure the URL does not include a trailing slash (/).
    • Client Name - A name for this website
      This name is used internally in the Content Hub and the Content Hub API to identify the different member websites of your content network, and cannot be changed after you set its value. This name may contain a hyphen or underscore.
  8. Click Save Configuration.

Your website is now connected to the Content Hub content repository, and can begin to share content with your other connected websites.

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