Content Hub

Content Hub is a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service that enables you to author, search, and share content in a complex network of sites and channels. This documentation includes the following sections to help you learn about Content Hub and implement it on your sites:



Release notes

Provides a list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes delivered in each Content Hub release.


Provides an overview of Content Hub, lists its features, and explains how syndication works.

Installing Content Hub

Provides information about installing Content Hub and configuring publishers and subscribers.

Acquia Content Hub 2.x documentation

Provides information about using Content Hub 2.x and 3.x.

Content Hub 1.x documentation

Provides information about using Content Hub 1.x.

Using the Acquia Content Hub API

Provides information about using Content Hub APIs and leveraging them to implement custom solutions.

Enhanced language capabilities

Provides information about Content Hub’s multilingual capabilities.

Publisher’s Dashboard

Provides information about Publisher’s Dashboard, the user interface for content syndication.

Known issues

Provides information about known issues in Content Hub.