Discovering content

Acquia Content Hub uses a discovery mechanism to understand what content is available for import into a subscriber website.

The content discovery interface with filters

To reach the Content Discovery page:

  1. Sign in to your Acquia Content Hub subscriber website.

  2. Click Content > Acquia Content Hub.

In the left menu, Content Discovery is highlighted by default. You may also choose Saved Filters to view any existing filters on your subscriber website.

The Content Discovery page body displays a list of filters to narrow down the available content.

  • Keywords: Any keywords in the content

  • Created Date: The creation date of the content

  • Source: The source publishing website

  • Tag: A tag the content has

  • Type: The content type

  • Bundle: Any bundle type which includes the content

Use these filters to create new filters.

The list of content displays below the filters. The content information imports directly from the content on the publishing website, and generally includes the items used for filtering content.