Customer Data Platform

Acquia provides Customer Data Platform (CDP) to help companies increase their revenue and profitability through its modules such as Actions and Integration, Platform and Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Benefits of CDP

The following table lists the benefits of using CDP:



Gain a single view of the customer

CDP’s Identity Resolution Engine cleans, de-duplicates, stitches, and enriches data from all sources to create a unified customer record used for analysis and campaigns, which can then be accessed through a user interface or an API.

Reveal customer insights

Gain key insights through fully configurable visual dashboards and reports. You can also create custom reports to examine the data that drives your business. Direct data query access and data sharing capabilities, which support external BI tools, are also available for an organization-accessible understanding of your customers.

Activate data across engagement channels

Orchestrate messages and offers in real-time across all communications channels, including email, SMS/push, and direct mail. Coordination can extend to customer experience systems such as website personalization engines and customer service and support systems.

Use machine learning to generate insights at scale

With CDP, marketers can individually segment customers at any audience scale. Machine learning is configurable to allow for both custom and pre-configured models, such as likelihood to buy, likelihood to engage, and next best offer.