Acquia CDP

Data Activation

When you activate data in Customer Data Platform (CDP), the system aggregates multiple data sources into a unified and actionable view and simplifies data management. The goal is to use this consolidated data to target and engage customers with personalized content and improve their experience across various digital channels.

Lifecycle of data in CDP

CDP receives data from various source systems. This data captures the customer journey and provides latest information about the customer.

The data ingested by CDP completes the following steps:

  1. CDP ingests data from source systems through an integration known as connector.

  2. CDP unifies the ingested data and enriches its quality.

  3. After the data is cleansed, deduped, and ready, you can activate the data by using Campaigns+.

  4. After you launch a campaign, CDP sends the data to your digital channels and you can use it to enhance your marketing campaigns.