Acquia CDP


With Campaigns+, you can activate data by effectively managing your campaigns and segments, facilitating the creation of targeted audiences for your marketing initiatives. You can use segments to display personalized content through email, SMS or direct-mail marketing efforts.

Manage campaigns and segments

You can efficiently organize campaigns and segments using a folder structure. You can create folders and sub-folders to group related files to enhance accessibility. By utilizing the folder structure, you can:

  • Search folders and files

  • Sort files by name, date modified, file type, and size.

Campaign builder

The campaign builder provides a workflow to help you create and refine user segments. The workflow consists of the following phases:

  1. Create an audience.

  2. Define segment criteria.

  3. Refine segment and variants.

  4. Add content.

  5. Select a destination for the data set.

    For example, send the audience to Campaign Studio or Personalization.

  6. View summary.

For more information, see the Data Activation process.