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Campaigns+ vs Campaigns

This page provides information about the advantages of Campaigns+ over the legacy Campaigns. It is a useful resource for individuals who are familiar with CDP Actions but are new to Campaigns+. If you are not familiar with CDP Actions, see Building campaigns with CDP.

Campaigns+ provides several revolutionary and potentially breaking changes to Actions Campaigns without putting the thousands of existing campaigns at risk.

The following section explains the features of Campaigns+:

Cohort Analysis

The most significant driver behind Campaigns+ is the need to visually split up an Actions audience into different segments for analysis in Metrics or more personalized segment-specific treatment. If you have Cohort Analysis, you can send audiences along with their segments and variants to Metrics using Campaigns+.

Segment Builder

In Campaigns+, you can segment by all pre-calculated customer summary attributes, and define complex aggregations calculated on the fly. If you build overlapping segments, you must prioritize your leaf segments so that each individual falls into their preferred segment. For more information, see Splitting your audience into segments.

A/B variant testing within segments and across channels

In legacy Campaigns, A/B testing is restricted to the FTP and CDP’s A1Mailer destinations. In Campaigns+, you can create and send an A/B test to any execution channel. A/B tests can be built on individual segments in addition to the entire audience. For more information, see Setting up and testing variants.

Multiple destinations

You can add multiple destinations to a single Campaigns+ so that your audience and content can be sent to two places in one execution. This enables couponing and analytics use cases where you want to activate an audience.

Limit by quantity

You can limit the audience to a specific quantity of individuals. In Campaigns+, you can split any audience or segment randomly by quantity to build variants from a specific quantity of individuals. For more information, see Setting up and testing variants.

Other enhancements

  • Coupon distribution

  • Campaigns+ is tied to multiple channels, including the “Choose a channel” and “Change channel” interactions.

No longer supported features

  • Playbooks feature

  • A1Mailer (SendGrid destination)

Migration plan

CDP supports the existing campaign framework. However, CDP is no longer enhancing the existing legacy Campaign framework, outside of new audience filters and content models that are shared across Campaigns and Campaigns+. You can migrate relevant recurring campaigns manually to Campaigns+.

Next Steps

For more information about Campaigns+, see Building campaigns with CDP.