Acquia CDP

Reviewing past campaign executions

Reviewing execution history of a campaign

After you execute a campaign or while it is executing, you can check the status of the campaign by the following ways:

  • Reviewing the summary page.

  • On the Campaign list page, click the Kebab menu icon and click History.

    CDP displays a dialog box that lists all the previous executions of this campaign, including the one that are currently running:

    You can switch to chart view:

In the Campaign History dialog box, CDP displays the date and time of execution, status, and count.

The following are the campaign status:

  • Pending: The campaign is being executed, and is not yet finished.

  • Success: The campaign is executed and sent.

  • Failed: The campaign failed to execute. Typically because the connection to the FTP/ESP/other execution channels was wrongly configured or because there was no audience for this campaign. Contact your CDP to resolve the issue.

  • Stopped: The campaign is manually stopped.

Re-exporting the data from a previous execution

You can get the actual data that is extracted in the past executions of a campaign such as audience and content.

To export the data:

  1. Click the Export icon.

  2. Select the SFTP connector you want to use.

  3. In File Name, enter the full path for the file.

    Ensure that the folder exists in CDP.

    CDP displays the confirmation dialog box.

Closing the dialog box navigates the Campaign History dialog box where you can see your Export in progress. You can refresh the dialog box to see the latest status of the export.