Acquia CDP

Scheduling your campaign and reviewing the configuration

Summary and schedule step

After selecting the audience criteria, content, and destination for your campaign, you can review the details in the Summary step.

The Summary step displays the information about the campaign name, campaign ID, and email ID of the user who created and last updated the campaign. If a campaign is cloned from another campaign, CDP displays the information of the parent campaign. You can set up a schedule for your recurring campaigns.

In the previous screenshot, the campaign is configured to start running on a daily basis, at 2:00 AM PST, on 9/27/2023. Additionally, the campaign ends by 11:59 PM PST on 9/30/2023. Once you save the campaign, it executes with this schedule. You can run the campaign only once by sliding the Schedule toggle off and clicking Send Now.

The following scheduling options are available:

  • Once

  • Hourly (once per hour, every four hours, every six hours, every eight hours, and every 12 hours)

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly


Acquia recommends you to not run or schedule more than four campaigns every 15 minutes to prevent campaign performance issues. Otherwise, you might require intervention of Acquia teams to resolve issues.

Next steps

After scheduling or starting a campaign, check the status of the current run. For more information, see Reviewing past campaign executions.