Acquia CDP

Segments and Variants


This step is optional for building a campaign.

With the Segments and Variants feature, you can test various combinations of audience groups to enhance engagement and increase conversion rates. This ensures that marketing efforts are optimized for maximum effectiveness by gaining insights into their behavior, preferences, and responses to different marketing strategies. You can use this feature to split your audience into variants randomly.

Multi-segment canvas

The multi-segment canvas is an interface that helps marketers to design and manage the marketing audience segmentation by providing a visual interface to work with filters, so that you can connect the filters to the primary audience and visualize the data in the context of customer journey.

The multi-segment interface consists of the following parts:

  • Search Bar: The search bar to quickly find and manage any of your selected filters.
  • Audience: The Audience box that represents your primary target audience whose data corresponds to the Audience step in Campaign+.
  • Drag and Drop Filters: The drag and drop interface to select and use filters from the side menu.
  • Journey Maps: This part of the canvas includes arrows that you can use to connect multiple selected filters to the main audience. After you drag and drop a filter onto the canvas, you can easily connect it to the main audience by clicking the audience block and selecting the arrow icon. Drag the arrow to the filter to connect it sequentially in your filtering process. You can also disconnect filters or select a different filter using the same icon.
  • A/B test: A method to help you conduct data-driven split tests to refine the strategic campaigns in collaboration with third-party systems. By leveraging actual data, this approach enhances customer engagement, boosts conversion rates, and optimizes marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness.
  • Limit by Quantity: A method to help you craft data-driven segments through quantitative testing so that each segment is accurately tailored to their objectives. This approach is particularly valuable for events, transactions, or products, as it allows for the imposition of specific limitations, ensuring a precise and effective segmentation process.