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Stopping a running campaign

CDP allows you to stop a running campaign manually.


  • You cannot update details for a running campaign. To update details for a running campaign, you must stop the campaign manually, update the necessary details, and restart the campaign.

  • If you stop a running campaign, the system does not stop the current execution step and completes it. However, the system stops the subsequent steps.

  • You cannot manually stop campaigns in the SUBMITTED state.

Stopping a running campaigns is useful when:

  • You have campaigns that are scheduled to continuously execute after a definite duration and the campaign execution time is the same as the scheduled duration. For example, suppose you have a campaign that runs every 15 minutes, the campaign execution takes 15 minutes, and there is no time when the campaign is idle. In such a case, it is recommended that you stop the campaign, update the details, and restart the campaign again.

  • You have campaigns that run for a long time.

To stop a running campaign:

  1. Sign in to your CDP user interface, go to Actions > Campaigns+, and locate the running campaign that you want to stop.

    Alternatively, create and execute a new campaign. If the campaign is successful, the campaign execution starts and you can locate the campaign on the Campaigns+ page.

  2. CLick the Kebab menu icon for the running campaign and select the Stop option.

  3. Click the status icon under the Last Execution column to review the status of the individual steps within the campaign.

    For manually stopped campaigns, the system displays the status as Stopped. However, if the campaign fails for any other reason, the system displays the status as Failed.