Building Cohorts in Actions

If the cohort analysis feature is enabled for your account, you can configure it to analyze the audience of a campaign in the Analytics module.

To build cohorts in CDP:

  1. Sign in to your CDP user interface and navigate to Actions > Campaigns+.

  2. Create a campaign and define your audience.

  3. (Optional) Divide the audience as follows:

    • into segments (rule-based)
    • into random variants
    • into both segments and variants on the segments
  4. In Destination, enable the Cohort Analysis toggle bar.



    • The Cohort Analysis toggle bar is available only if the cohort analysis feature is enabled for your account.
    • The actual destination is irrelevant if you are only creating a cohort for analysis. However, the current implementation requires you to specify an output destination.
  5. Save the changes and execute the campaign.


    • Cohort is available for analysis only after the campaign execution is complete. Note that the campaign execution typically takes 10-15 minutes.
    • You can execute the same cohort multiple times by executing the campaigns manually or using the schedule feature in Actions. You can analyze different snapshots in Metrics based on the Execution Date dimension or the ExecutionID attribute in Interactive Queries.