AWS S3 Storage

When you create a segment in Customer Data Platform (CDP) Actions, you can send the output to an S3 location. You can add new S3 locations and also change the parameters of the existing S3 output connectors.



Create a new S3 connector

To add a new S3 connector, send a request to Support or ask your CDP Customer Success Manager with the following information:

  • Connector name (e.g. “S3 export”)
  • AWS Bucket Name
  • AWS Access Key
  • AWS Secret Key
  • AWS Region where your S3 bucket is located (e.g. us-west-2)

Update the parameters to an existing connector

There are some parameters that you can change by sending a request to support. Be aware that the changes will apply to all files exported to that connector going forward.

Parameter Values Description Date format (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd) Date format that is appended to the end of the file name

Date format (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd)

Default: epoch timestamp

Datetime format that is used when the output columns are dates (e.g. First Transaction Date)

Time zones

Default: UTC

Timezone to be used for output columns are dates (e.g. First Transaction Date).

PGP public key

Default: none

Public encryption key if the output file should be encrypted